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Democrats must introduce a bill censuring Kevin McCarthy for antisemitic remarks

The Democrats have painted themselves in to a corner with Ilhan Omar. By using selective outrage to vociferously attack Ilhan Omar they are wide open to charges of bullying and their own brand of racism. The backlash has been intense from what I can see. And all this based on the words “dual allegiance,” which in my sixty years of being a Jew I have never heard being referred to as an antisemitic slur. I mean it is sometimes used for outsiders but it is also used for people who hold dual citizenship. And how about the Americans who went to fight for Israel in the sixties, or joined kibbutzes.  To me it seems more like a description of an attitude. Others judge it as wrong, I reserve judgement.  But this one description has caused screaming and wailing to the heavens about antisemitism and the introduction of a bill in the house condemning it. (Even if Omar’s name is not used in the bill we all know who it is aimed at so the Democrats should not be disingenuous).

To me this is a really bad look. But there is a very easy way for Democrats to show it is not selective outrage based on how somebody looks and how much power they have. Scrap the bill they have now and introduce a bill censuring Kevin McCarthy for antisemitism. To my mind McCarthy’s remarks were far more damaging to Jews suggesting a world wide conspiracy of rich Jews to take over the US government. It was literally painful.  What is more painful of course is that the Democrats screaming now were silent when “their friend who looks more like them” said this. Now the Democrats are trapped — good for them and their hypocrisy. They have something to prove about their integrity. Why not do it? There won’t be any political price to pay (as there will be for Omar). They would put the Republicans in a bad place for once.

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Go ahead Democrats — it would be so easy. I double dare you.

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