Democrats believe in what most Americans want. Are their bosses stunting the message?

I read this article with trepidation because Democrats can easily win 60% just being who we say we are. Republicans lie about what Democrats will do to them. Democrats tell Americans what Republicans won’t allow them to do for them.

Democrats see Republicans gaining among key voting groups, despite Biden's win. – The Washington Post

Voters in the once Democratic Ohio county that surrounds the shuttered Lordstown General Motors plant delivered a decisive victory last month to the sitting president who had promised and failed to save their jobs. In the heavily Hispanic South Bronx, the liberal sanctum of San Francisco, and the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of Miami, President Trump also shrank Democratic margins by drawing thousands more to his side. He even swept the 31 Iowa counties that voted twice for Barack Obama before choosing Trump in 2016.

Ultimately, President-elect Joe Biden won the contests that mattered most, besting Trump by 7.1 million votes nationally and scoring pathbreaking wins in Georgia and Arizona. But beneath the surface, despite low approval ratings, high unemployment, and a raging pandemic whose handling he had fumbled, Trump’s strength grew among key parts of the electorate.

Those warning signs have dampened the celebratory mood among Democrats enthusiastic about dispatching Trump. Party strategists now speak privately with a sense of gloom and publicly with a tone of concern as the election results become clearer.

They worry about the potential emergence of a mostly male and increasingly interracial working-class coalition for Republicans that will cut into the demographic advantages Democrats had long counted on. They speculate that the tremendous Democratic gains in the suburbs during the Trump years might fade when he leaves office. And they fret that their inability to make inroads in more rural areas could forestall anything but the most narrow Senate majority in the future.

Source: Democrats see Republicans gaining among key voting groups, despite Biden's win. – The Washington Post

After talking to people respectfully from all ideologies, except for Evangelical Christians, I have found that most people will vote for their personal economy. I always add a phrase to improve that probability.

“Vote your personal interest because you must remember that your vote is between you, your ballot, and your god. No one knows how you vote. As such, vote your interest, and if you must be less than straightforward in your circles, it really does not matter.”

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  • December 21, 2020