Democratic Weakness In The Face Of Republican Disloyalty To The Constitution Is No Defense.

Josh Marshall over at TPM has a must read about Democrats who signal weakness when it comes to confronting the patently disloyal Republican Party.  As I have stated before, some political scientists have used the term “disloyal party” to identify political groups who as part of the political system act to overthrow the government or eventually destroy the political system in order to gain ultimate political power.  Examples of disloyal political parties in history are the Nazi Party during the Weimer Republic and the opposition party in Chile that was aligned with the military to overthrow the Allende government in 1973.  With the modern GOP, they are too a disloyal political party, but instead of overthrowing the present government they are actively destroying the constitution and our democracy in order to protect Trump and maintain their grip on political power.  And no place is a better example of this dynamic than the Republican controlled U.S. Senate.  Unfortunately, in this time of crisis, we have some Senate Democrats who signal weakness with words of “concern” about whether Senate Republicans were going to keep an “open mind” on articles of impeachment against Trump.

Here is what Josh Marshal reports on Democratic Ben Cardin and the all but inevitable Senate “trial”:

This evening I turned on MSNBC and watched Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland express deep concern about whether his Republican colleagues were going to keep an open mind as jurors in the Senate trial of the President. At one point he went as far as to say that Mitch McConnell had “raise[d] serious questions whether he will be objective in carrying out the responsibilities of the Senate or whether he’s going to try to stack the deck in favor of the president.”

My point here is not to pick on Ben Cardin. This is one example of rhetoric you can hear from many Democrats and most Senate Democrats. It’s just the example that is ready at hand. But it is terrible and completely pathetic.

Moscow Mitch has already said he is coordinating the defense of Trump with Trump.  Moscow Mitch is not some real juror in a trial.  Instead, there will be a sham trial that will quickly wrap up with an acquital of Trump.

But instead of calling out Moscow Mitch as Trump’s shill, Cardin is concerned

We have a serious political crisis going on.  Trump is doing his best to destroy our democracy, and Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they will do whatever it takes to protect Trump and keep political power.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  And instead of calling out Republicans and pointing out the danger to the republic from the GOP, we have milquetoast Democrats who cannot be bothered to call a spade a spade because of some stupid Senate norms.  These norms are regularly being put to the torch by Moscow Mitch and friends.

Besides trying to win back the presidency, Democrats MUST win back the U.S. Senate.  Most Americans have ZERO idea how Congress works, and they need to be reminded that the Republican led Senate is responsible for empowering Trump and preventing any Democratic bills from the House from going forward.  In other words, this is why we can’t have nice things!

But we are not going to get to this place by being nice and “reaching across the aisle.”  Republicans have signalled they will work with Trump to steal the election.  Why else is Moscow Mitch not passing a bill to secure our polling places?  Democrats must DEFEAT Senate Republicans in 2020 and take back the U.S. Senate.  If you send the message that this is just some everyday minor political dispute, you let the Republican senators off the hook.  And Cardin’s language signals that.

Senate Republicans should pay a price for their disloyalty to the Constitution.  They need to have Trump branded onto their foreheads for all voters to see.  And this means Senate Democrats and others in their campaigns have to say that Republicans do not care about the Constitution or our democracy.  

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