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Democratic TX Lt. Gov. Candidate Mike Collier speaks. GOP to raise taxes on the elderly & poor.

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Democratic TX Lt. Gov. Candidate Mike Collier visit PDR to discuss why he will win in Texas. GOP wants the elderly and poor people to pay more taxes.

Democratic Candidate Mike Collier


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  • Mike Collier, Democratic Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor speaks: Democratic Texas Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mike Collier visits us to discuss his race. He intends to win the position because he has a plan for every item Texans want solved. He understands it is a difficult state but he is ready.
  • Ex-ERCOT chief says he was following Abbott’s direction when they ran up billions in bills during freeze: he former head of the Texas power grid testified in court Wednesday that when he ordered power prices to stay at the maximum price cap for days on end during last year’s frigid winter storm and blackout, running up billions of dollars in bills for power companies, he was following the direction of Governor Greg Abbott. Bill Magness, the former CEO of the Electric Reliabilty Council of Texas, said even as power plants were starting come back online former Public Utility Commission Chairman DeAnn Walker had told him that Abbott wanted them to do whatever necessary to prevent further rotating blackouts that left millions of Texans without power.
  • Republican 2022 platform will raise taxes on the elderly and working class Americans:
  • Nuke Power at the Brink of Bankruptcy, War, Apocalypse: Fifteen atomic reactors in Ukraine currently spew out massive quantities of radiation alongside the smoldering ruin of Chernobyl Unit 4. War could easily—-and soon!—-turn each into a nuke of mass destruction, blasting into the eco-sphere clouds of lethal fallout far in excess of actual A-Bombs, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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