An Internal Poll has Democratic Senator Doug Jones at 48% in the Alabama Senate Race against 47% for Republican Tommy Tuberville. 

The poll was taken October 11-14 of 801 likely Alabama voters. Website 538 rates the pollster, FM3 research as B/C. The margin of error is 3.5%.

Jones is leading among those who already voted in Alabama by 65% to 23% (12% refused to say).  Some 7% of Alabamians say they already voted.

This survey in a seldom polled race is the first one ever showing Jones having a good chance of surviving in a very Republican and very Trumpish state against the former college football coach.…

Four other polls taken between July and October 5 show Tuberville with leads from 10% to 18%. Cook Political Report  has rated the race as “lean Republican” since last winter when Jones voted to remove Trump from  office.

Senator Jones voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and says he will vote against Amy Coney Barrett.



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Though others may have largely dismissed his Senate race, Jones has never given up on his own chances.