Dem candidate recruiter: 'The GOP has no idea what they've done'

Amanda Litman is the co-founder of Run for Something, a political action committee that helps young progressives interested in running for office.

The PAC launched on inauguration day in 2017, clearly as a response to the toxic orange gas cloud that was seeping into homes across the country.

Well, something happened over the past few days that spiked interest in the organization. And it’s a beautiful thing:

If people who have never shown interest in politics before are motivated to volunteer and run, imagine how many will get off their asses and vote?

All because Republican senators are simply incapable of believing a woman.

Let’s make this a devastating, dark-blue tsunami that sweeps dozens of clueless old white men off the beach.

We can do it.

Remember, remember the 6th of November.


P.S.: Litman also has a book, which you can buy here.


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