Define Collusion and Make It a Crime, Limit Pardons, and Examine Foreign Financial Entanglements

  1. Congress needs to act to clarify and define that acting in concert with a foreign nation or foreign group to subvert or influence US elections is a felony with a substantial penalty.

Hearings for such a bill will more fully expose what Trump and his Trumpets were up to in the 2016 campaign. 

2. Congress should pass a law making it mandatory that a Presidential candidate fully disclose his financial dealings with foreign nationals and institutions. It is a matter of national security that no President be subject to blackmail or be in debt to a foreign power. 

Ideally, of course, they should release several years of tax returns.

  1. Thirdly, Congress should hold hearings on the use or promise of a Presidential pardon to tamper with a witness or obstruct justice. The promise of a Presidential pardon to persuade a Federal official to disobey the law, should also be examined. These issues are probably already illegal in some sense, but evidently they need to be further examined, considering Trump’s actions.

Impeachment may have to wait until the public is more ready, but preliminary actions could lay the groundwork for that as well as showing that Trump’s actions are not okay with Congress or the American people.… 40% support impeachment.