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Death of a nation..Who is running this country? The Mob or Russia or both?

There is a dark cloud over this country.   A deep sinking sense of doom and that comes from fear and uncertainity.  Am I trying to be fatalistic.  NO.  I am trying to wake you up and see the writing on the wall.   He is one dictator with a bunch of spineless, enablers with millions trembling over his reality show.  We can cancel this show but it will take us standing together hand in hand across this land which is our land and our money and our house and our country to take it back.  Get ready…it is coming to some sort of head.

  Are you willing to pay for protection like the Mob expects to show loyalty?

What happens when they come for your social security?  If your are a democrat, then cut your VA benefits?  What are your going to do because no one is holding these people accountable.  WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones who can do it.  The fix I think is in.  The Iowa mess will give the mad king enough ammo to say he was cheated if he loses in November which seems unlikely with him unleashed and ready to do anything.

Do you know what I am looking for in a candidate?  Seriously?  Not just who can take this madman on but supporters who are willing to take his supporters on head to head.   This going high when they go low is just not working with a psychopathic so called president and spineless enablers.   My Lord, the constitution has been shredded and Nancy Pelosi is being called the devil.   That in essence is calling us all devils.

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Bullies know one thing.   Stand up against them.   Oh yes we can go to the polls and vote just like Russia does.   It will come down to us.   If you still believe this is a free republic after today and this past week, you have not been paying attention.  

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