Now that Texas, Georgia, and Florida Republicans have left America by subverting the right of every American to vote, let us look at the rest of the southern Republicans, 66% of which favor secession. According to several polls, the phantom confederacy overwhelmingly favors leaving the Union. To be fair, five other regions of the country would consider secession but none to the extent of the victims of “northern aggression.” Not since the firing on Fort Sumter has the open hostility against the rights of black Americans been more blatantly affirmed. In 1861 southern states were willing to fight and die to maintain slavery, Now they are willing to die, kill and maim; traitor Ashli Babbitt, who swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution as a member of the armed services, took a bullet to the neck for the Big Lie. Officer Brian Sicknick, himself a Trump supporter set aside his politics and died to defend the Capitol. Police officers are fighting to regain their mental stability, fingers were lost, and their eyesight compromised in pursuit of something noble—American Democracy. Meanwhile, 21 Republican congress people voted against awarding them medals for their heroism.

Texas Democrats packed their duffels, wrapped their toothbrushes, boarded planes, and flew from Texas to Washington, DC to preserve America. The governor of Texas's moral compass is so skewed, that he accused the Democrats of cutting and running for not being willing to participate in the destruction of the Constitution. Obvious signs of unhinged behavior are running rampant through the Republican party, and their base ignores it as if they are part of some sadistic cult. Mocking war heroes; caging babies, and in some cases permanently denying parents access to their children. Trump apologists are dismissing the deaths of 600,000 Americans as if it were the plot of an M. Night Shyamalan production; we did see dead people. Republican congressional representatives comparing the atrocity of the Jewish holocaust with masks and life-saving vaccines.

In the meantime, doctors, virologists, and other infectious disease experts are left to match wits with the witless to keep us alive in the fight against the virus. It would be cruel and fruitless to impugn the motives of those who have legitimate reasoning for not taking the vaccine; immuno-deficiency questions, children under twelve, and pregnancy but they are not the majority of the dissenters. The majority are the same yahoos who would not wear a mask, those Trump zealots who think that being part of a death cult is a fun way to troll liberals.

I am done with mollycoddling people who are willfully killing my family, children, and friends. Karen(s) and Biff(s) in convenience stores that want to cough in my face. Red hat-wearing Petri dishes marching like lemmings of mindless societal misfits through local stores berating people or wearing a mask. Applauding the potential deaths of thousands more at the CPAC convention. At the behest of President Biden, who fulfilled his promise of having a vaccine for every person who wants it, the Republicans have made it political doctrine to make the promise of 70% vaccinated, to achieve herd immunity, by the President a failure. This sort of self-immolation, along with voter suppression is not political wrangling or gamesmanship. This is not a normal part of the political game it is madness on steroids.

Continue to Vote for Change.      

  • July 16, 2021
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