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Dear Republicans Words Do Effing Matter. I Do Blame You.

I am tired of this, you have a stage, you have air time, you have a certain air of respectability, then all you do with that is preach hate supported by lies.

Hatred of the poor and homeless

Hatred of LGBT

Hatred of immigrants

Hatred of people of color

Hatred of women

Hatred of Muslims

Hatred of the victims of your bile

Hatred of anyone not like yourselves

Hatred of the very government you wish to lead

You build up the fear, you pour on the gasoline and strike the match.

Then when people die you stand up and claim

It has nothing to do with me, isn’t it just horrible, how could people do such a thing.

To me your words are like napalm on a lake of oil.

To me your every word is an incitement to a crime

To me your very vocabulary is a motivation for terrorism

From every pore you reek of hatred and division.

You spread your own fear and loathing for political gain.

You are to blame.

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