With some supporters putting me off any candidate.

The final straw is the  DNC data fiasco, nobody appears to have done anything illegal such as hacking, the data storage was insecure. The mistake was not dealing with it in house, but oh no, it was much more fun to throw another spanner in the works.

Then I have to deal with a pile more crap thrown at the screen by some.

The DNC and RNC deserve each other, my only surprise is that not more of our representatives in congress are not independent. I have my own opinions of whom the RNC and DNC actually represent and for one, I know it’s not me.

The last Democratic Party primary impressed me so little that I’m not surprised by this one. Oh compared to the total fiasco on the other side, this one is as bittersweet as apple pie.

Adults in the room would have dealt with insecure data, well, like adults and rectified the problem rather than have it reach the media, making everyone look a bit foolish. The trouble is everyone is regarding each other as enemies so any advantage is a good one, some people have their fingers elbow deep into the pie of vested interest.

I’ll be happy when this farce is over, I can handle the blathering ravings of Republicans on their own without having to deal with Democrats as well.

Yeah, yeah, politics is a contact sport, here are a couple of baseball bats, now go away and play badly.

  • December 19, 2015