Dear enthusiastic winners… Please mask up and do not congregate. WARNING !

I know this is exciting but we are giving those idiot Trump rally folks fuel to use and endangering our fellow man.  President Elect won on his message of staying safe and even though you are bursting with happiness and excitement, there will be time for that but not now.  There will be time for that if you control and take your enthusiasm in check.

Honor the President Elect by keeping safe distance, not congregating, masking up because when you don’’t you are stepping on his message.

We have a Pandemic and it is only getting worse.  I have said this about the rallies, the protests and the victory rally.  Stay in your space, car, whatever but this disease is far from over.

If you really are happy about this election, then stop this Trump type rally situation.  Our lives are at stake.   Curb your enthusiasm for National Security sake.  The last thing we need to be is Trump Like in this pandemic.   The virus does not know political party type.  You are risking yourselves and us.  


  • November 9, 2020