Received this e-mail today from Giffords PAC:

We are excited to rollout more endorsements this morning of some real Senate champions!

Chris Coons, Dick Durbin, Gary Peters, Tina Smith, Jeanne Shaheen and Cory Booker are all fearless allies on the frontlines of the gun safety movement.

These senators are gun safety champions who have been fighting Mitch McConnell in the Senate to pass universal background checks. We need their voices in the Senate.

If we can hold their seats and pick up just 4 more we can flip the Senate and finally pass universal background checks. So today we’re coming to you with a simple ask:

If you are able, will you chip in $3 to help us hold these Senators’ seats and elect more gun safety leaders like them to the Senate?

These senators need our help to hold their seats. Mitch McConnell is doing everything he can to maintain his majority and defeat these gun safety champions.

He’s willing to do anything—and the gun lobby is willing to spend anything— to advance their guns everywhere agenda.

So let’s make sure these gun safety Senators have the resources they need to win in 2020!

Thank you for your continued support.

The Team at Giffords

Click here to donate. to these Democratic incumbents campaigns.

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