David Brooks did not hold back as he excoriated the president's narcissistic behavior and his failure to lead in the coronavirus pandemic.

David Brooks clearly thinks the president is a failure.

Yesterday’s Politics Done Right episode here.

“You know, David Brooks, I want to — this was after the Wednesday address,” Chuck Todd said. “Noah Rothman in Commentary wrote, 'There's no excuse for the kind of carelessness in a prepared address to the nation, much less one given amid emergency circumstances. The cumulative effect of these errors and compromise palliative measures was to leave the nation less confident than it was before Trump spoke. The president might have been better off keeping quiet.' But the point is it does seem as if that lack of confidence, and you start to see it, it's spreading, with different people on how to deal with this crisis.”

Brooks started by making it clear he thought the president's team was filled with sycophants as he recounted a personal story of a friend who he thought might have been infected with the coronavirus.

“Well, we see it with every federal official. None of them can get out in front of President Trump, so they all have to hang back,” David Brooks said. “I had a friend, somebody I care about deeply, call me last night saying he'd a fever, and I had no idea what to tell him. Like, take Motrin, go to Netflix? It was, it was very unnerving. And then your next instinct is, “Oh, I'm going to drive up and see him,” but I can't do that either. And so this goes against human nature, that we can't really care about our loved ones. And I think it, it does flow from the top.”

Brooks then unloaded on the president.

“And we, we have a president who doesn't feel the emotions of other people, and therefore, he can't read the country,” Brooks said. “Six months ago, he can't say, 'Wow, people are really hurting out there. People are afraid out there. I've got to act. I've got to act.' He lacks that sense. And so he's not really seeing the country. He's reading what people think about him, which is all he sees. And therefore, all his reactions are late and deadened.

Later Brooks would say that if any other state displayed our dysfunctionality, we would call it a failed state. Every day that goes back makes that statement apropos.

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