darn those “outside agitators”, tonight is MAGA Night, because “MAGA loves the black people.”

So much media framing, proliferating COVID-19 at an Ozark pool party sharing breath unlike the loss of breath days later for George Floyd.

On the one hand peaceful protest, on the other vandalism as tourism. Two people have already died from Floyd-related violence.

Now the framing is that no different than the attendance at a Trump rally, there are out-of-state elements much as there are more likely agents provocateurs.


Trump: “MAGA is make America great again. By the way, they love African-American people, they love black people. MAGA loves the black people.”


Because only the left is violent … not. Trump’s path to victory in five months can come from reactionary elements and media discourse.

“Unfortunately, with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements.” – AG Bill Barr.  

What more could they possibly have destroyed? The worse thing, though, is the destruction of faith in our nation, the elimination of all hope and all confidence. In 13 years they have had no success at all in mobilizing the strengths that slumber in our people. To the contrary! Because they fear an awakened nation, they have played off one group of people against another: the city against the countryside, the salaried workers against the government employees, those who work with their hands against those who work with their heads… (Adolph Hitler 1932)



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