D.C. restaurateur says he hides Betsy DeVos from people walking by his window


Trump administration officials are rightly pariahs, and that’s certainly true in D.C. and environs as much as anywhere else.

We remember how Sarah Huckabee Slanders got 86’d from the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, and that time Kirstjen “Baby Cages” Nielsen got hounded out of a Mexican restaurant in D.C. And I applaud this kind of thing. Let them eat Trump Steaks. They don’t deserve real food.

But it’s also true that restaurant owners simply don’t want these monsters to be seen on their premises because, you know, it’s bad PR. Having Betsy DeVos or Stephen Miller supping on live monkey brains (or whatever) in your establishment — and having other patrons actually see their ghastly countenances — has to be a little like watching Steve Bannon dissolve into a phalanx of cockroaches and sneak a breadstick off the table of another customer at Olive Garden.

So what to do? Well, at least one restaurateur has hit on a solution. He hides Betsy DeVos, because … well, why wouldn’t you? She's fucking awful.

The Washingtonian:

One DC restaurateur who has hosted polarizing insiders including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and White House senior adviser Stephen Miller—architect of the President’s hard line on immigration—says he prefers to seat Trump officials in a private back corner away from the sidewalk-facing windows. Secret Service like the proximity to the back door, but the restaurateur sees an added perk to hiding controversial figures who might spark a confrontation. “The only thing I wish is that nobody walks by my window and realizes she’s dining with us,” he says of DeVos.

Miller visited the restaurant for the first time with his parents. The restaurateur says they called him over to the table and he told Miller’s dad, “Your son gets more TV time than the President—he must be doing something right.”

As a business owner who doesn’t discriminate based on politics, the restaurateur wanted them to feel welcome. But the next day, he heard from an anti-Trump customer who had seen the interaction, was enraged that Miller had been treated warmly, and threatened to boycott the restaurant.

Well, good for that customer. 

Interesting that the story didn’t identify the restaurant or the restaurant owner. Hey, can you blame the guy for wanting to stay anonymous? 

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  • May 13, 2019