Customs and Border Protection reportedly detaining Iranian-Americans returning to US

Because your loyalty needs to be questioned by the Trump regime even if your family came here after the Shah was overthrown, and you went to Canada for a visit (in this case to a concert). You could get lucky and get turned back only because there wasn’t enough jail space. And did you take a course on IEDs in college?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been detaining Iranians and Iranian-Americans up at the U.S.-Canada border in Washington state…

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been detaining Iranians and Iranian-Americans up at the U.S.-Canada border in Washington state, says the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


The group said over 60 people–all Iranians and Iranian-Americans–were detained at the Peace Arch Border Crossing in Blaine, Washington. Others were turned back and refused the chance to enter the U.S. because CBP didn’t have space to detain them, CAIR said.

“Those detained reported that their passports were confiscated as they were questioned about their political views, allegiances, what courses were studied in college, and other invasive and interrogative questions,” they wrote. They said there was a CBP source who said the Department of Homeland Security issued a national order for CBP agents to report and detain people of Iranian decent from entering the U.S. if they’re “deemed potentially suspicious or ‘adversarial,’ regardless of citizenship status.”…


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