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CT-Sen: Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) Calls For Abolishing The Filibuster To Pass Real Gun Reform

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Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s (D. CT) re-election campaign:

Last week, horrid gun violence once again ripped through our communities and senselessly took more innocent lives.

After each deadly shooting in this country, my Republican colleagues offer “thoughts and prayers” – then turn around and obstruct the commonsense gun safety reforms that would actually save lives. This past week alone, there were six separate incidents across our nation. This is my message to Senate Republicans: Your refusal to act is the reason these tragedies continue. We need more than your thoughts and prayers. We need action. Now.

I've been fighting alongside my Democratic colleagues to pass legislation that would bring real, lifesaving change – legislation like background checks and a ban on assault weapons. But as long as the filibuster exists, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans will be able to stop every bill in its tracks.

That's why I'm calling on the Senate to abolish the filibuster so we can finally bypass the GOP's despicable obstructionism and make gun safety reform a reality, and I need 10,000 people to speak out alongside me by midnight tonight to make it happen. With lives depending on our ability to make progress, can I count on you to sign the petition now?

Please, sign the petition now to demand the Senate abolish the filibuster. This is the only way Democrats can pass the long overdue gun safety reforms we need to save lives from the mass shootings that are plaguing our country.

Thank you so much for standing by my side on such an important issue,


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