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Coward Trump Can't Tell Mattis 'You're fired!'… Makes Pompeo Do It.

Big executive boss man didn’t have the courage to fire SecDef General Mattis to his face, so, in typical Trumpian fashion he had somebody else do it.

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo.


(Parens and bolds mine)

“Hours after Mattis announced his resignation to Trump in an Oval Office meeting on Thursday, he released to the public a scathing letter he had given the president that underscored what he said were their differences over the role of American leadership and alliances. In the letter, Mattis said he would stay on until Feb. 28 to help provide a bridge to the next defense chief.

Trump initially praised the retired four-star Marine general as having served with “distinction” but his view soured after reading Mattis’s letter (or had Fox and friends explain it to him), according to an administration official who described the Pentagon chief’s missive as inappropriate.
It fell to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to tell Mattis on Sunday morning that he had about one week to finish up at the Pentagon and make room for Shanahan, according to the official, who asked not to be identified.”
Mattis should tell Pompeo that he isn’t his boss and he’s staying until Trump faces him like a man.
Under those conditions, he’d serve as long as he likes.

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