from Worldometers, figures posted today:

Florida 143,227   +10,682 3,425 +33 117,468

That’s over 10K new infections for one day, reported for a Saturday, where number of cases reported normally drops.  In this case that is an increase from 9,585 reported for Friday.

That is truly exponential growth of infections.

For point of comparison, other than the rest of the United States that is more infections reported than for ANY COUNTRY except Brazil and India, each of which has many multiple of Florida’s population of about 21.5 million.

UPDATE:  as occasionally happens, Worldometers has now changed its numbers — in this case DOWNWARD — for Florida for yesterday.  Here are the new numbers:

Florida 141,075 +8,530 3,419 +27 115,322

As would normally be expected, this does represent a SOMEWHAT smaller number than those reported yesterday for Friday.  Still, even at that 8,530 number, that is still larger thana almost all the countries in the world, and represents a continuation of the exponential growth in cases, as would be seen by the rolling 7 day average.

Given that the posted numbers were changed, I thought I should make sure people saw the corrected numbers, which are still horrible.