Covid has stricken a student of my son.

The ill child is now kept at home. My son, the teacher, is quarantined, with no symptoms yet.    

This school, half the time,  had a small class of 15 masked students in a classroom with a masked teacher. The other half of the time they had virtual classes.

My son can still teach the virtual classes from home unless he becomes ill.

No one is surprised.

Parents demand that the schools open.  They have to go to their marginal jobs and can’t afford day care which isn’t often available. 

In other incidents, teachers in West Ada, Idaho, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Wisconsin held sick-outs against the COVID risks.

Many school districts have gone to a partly virtual schedule, with students in the classroom only half the time.

Even so, COVID has sickened thousands of students. Teachers are dying.

I pray my son won’t be one of them.

  • October 22, 2020