Let me start by backing up.  One week ago, at midday, I had to go to the emergency room 2 blocks away from my house. I won’t go into the details. It was a medical situation unrelated to my previous medical issues, but was serious enough to be immediately addressed.  I had to wait more than an hour to get into an examination room, and then had another more than an hour delay to get my necessary CT scan, because the ER was dealing with a patient presumptively positive with COVID-19.   He was properly isolated, they shut down the CT scanner that had been used on him until it could be thoroughly cleaned. When I asked I was assured it was safe for my wife, with a compromised immune system, to be with me.  My emergency has been dealt with. And the patient has COVID-19, one of two people out of about 220,000 here in Arlington already so diagnosed.

Meanwhile, on Thursday evening I found out our school would be closed to students for 3 weeks — that includes our Spring break in the middle.  The Governor of MD is SO FAR only requiring 2 weeks of closure (although now CDC is recommending more) but we are being precautionary.  I teach seniors who now worry they will not have a prom (probable) and might not have a graduation ceremony (unknown as yet but increasingly likely).

It is in that context that I offer these thoughts.

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