This thing is for real and sad but we have to do like the folks in other trying times such as the Great Depression, Race riots, Feminist movements, other tragedies.

Music is a soul soother.   What do you really need outside of your domain?   STAY HOME.   Socialization is very important but we do have the internet to interact.   Imagine the pioneers of times past that were stuck in a new land and many times isolated.   There were miles and miles to the closest neighbor, store, or only one doctor for hundreds of people.   

I walked outside this morning and looked at where much needed rain had fallen and it looked like diamonds sprinkled across the screens as the sun shined through the rain drops.   I put my head phones on and listened to some oldie channels and thought back. I also listened to the birds singing and got my mind off the virus as much as I could, knowing last night I declared a quarantine in the house and said, “We don’t go anywhere, we have enough food, and will ration if necessary to take care of ourselves.”  Depression and helplessness kills as well.

This post is mostly for those who are stressing with fear but this worry is doing nothing.   Take precautions, stay home, ( Don’t wait for the government to tell you to shelter into place).  Use common sense.   Paint, write, reflect, play cards, connect over the internet, play croquet, drag out the badmitton set.   Meditate, learn something new like a language, and laugh and smile with your children if they are still at home.  Play with the pets.  Learn to quilt or paint inside.  Don’t sit and wait for the next broadcast… ( that is hard).  

If you are alone and no family around, learn recipes, find a new hobby.  String beads, or learn to play that keyboard or guitar that is stuck in the closet.   Do your spring cleaning, garden, and laugh at some of the long ago memories that you have forgotten about.   Open the curtains.  Let the sunshine in.   Write postcards to get out the vote.  Make calls on behalf of candidates.   

I feel bad for the kids who were supposed to graduate, or go to the prom or waited to have a lovely wedding,   This will pass.   Some things can be postponed.  We are on our own because we have no leadership and LIVE as if today is your last day.   Don’t let your mind get crowded with , “What if”.  We don’t know.  We know the times are dark but we are light if we choose to be.  Pray or think of those fighting this thing.   Light a candle.  

Be mindful, use common sense.  Stay home…..It was not always like this and it won’t always be like this but we may be in for a long haul.   Let each and everyone of us be the troopers we can be and stay as positive as possible.   Do what we can.  Hope for the best.  

Inspirational songs… Please feel free to post.

Help ….where you can.   

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