The best ad is one that is based on reality. West Wing star, Richard Schiff, contracted COVID-19 in Canada and saw Medicare For All in action.

West Wing star supports Medicare for All in Canada

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West Wing star Richard Schiff thought he did all that was necessary to stay COVID-19 free. Unfortunately, both he and his wife got infected with the virus. It was much harder on him than his wife.

Schiff was filming in Canada when he was forced to go to the hospital. He detailed that COVID-19 is likely worse than anyone would think it is. He did not think he would make it.

He said he convinced his doctors to give him Remdesivir and that he thinks that may have played a part in his recovery. Ultimately Schiff recovered. Not only did he recover, but he had several helluva stories to tell. The most important one is the healthcare system that saved his life.

Canada has a Medicare For All type single-payer healthcare system. Richard saw the efficiency and humaneness of the system. He was impressed that a stay that would have cost hundreds of thousands in America did not. He was impressed that foreigners enjoyed the same level of care. But most importantly, he was impressed with the follow-ups to make sure he had complete care.

America's Frankenstein-type healthcare system is poorly managed on purpose. In the chaos, Americans are robbed blind. It is always profit maximization on your illness. Canada understands that meticulous follow-ups and true patient care where one's stress level is not exacerbated by healthcare costs are important.

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