Cover-Up continues as whistleblower-worthy mischief from Trump is inevitable

Trump just removed the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community as reciprocity for his actions in the arms for dirt scandal that led to the impeachment.

Even as we’ve seen it all there will be more corruption from the Trump regime only hinted at in the inability to coordinate the COVID-19 response. Trump has already favored the GOP states, refused to exercise a strong federal response, and enabled a wide range of profiteering and corporate bias. Firing the Inspector General is just the front end of possible shenanigans.


Two Hill sources tell NBC News Atkinson was informed tonight that Trump had fired him, and he has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately–circumventing a requirement that both intelligence committees be notified by Trump 30 days before removal of the IG.

Likely there will be other Trump, GOP and malign actors’ mischief, more likely the same manipulations of data that have yet to be explored from 2016. The only way to stop which will be an overwhelming GOTV in 2020. 

David Gura  @davidgura “One minute and forty-seven seconds in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room; or, @weijia tries to ask President Trump a “basic,” “simple” question”

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