Counterprotester trolls Wisconsin death cult mob with remote-controlled corona car

Yesterday, the GOP Death Cult, Wisconsin Chapter swarmed the Wisconsin state Capitol to protest Gov. Tony Evers’ stay-at-home order.

Madison, Wisconsin was a hotbed of civil disobedience in the ‘60s and ‘70s, back when students were actually interested in not dying or killing other human beings. For instance, when Richard Nixon started indiscriminately bombing Cambodia—ultimately killing tens of thousands of innocent people—throngs of Wisconsinites came out to raise hell. Today? They’re raising hell because Buffalo Wild Wings is closed. 

You’ve come a long way, babies. But at least one local wag decided to have some fun with the Badger Boob Brigade.

And thank you, yogibear1963, for finding video of the RC car!

Anyway, this whimsical prop introduced a much-needed dose of sanity to the stupidest fucking event I’ve ever seen outside of a Trump COVID-19 presser.

Did it make the protesters stop and consider what they were doing? I doubt it. Viruses are actually very small. You might even call them an “invisible enemy.” Who knows if they even really exist? Sounds like a false-flag operation to me. Plus, if Trump keeps saying random things, maybe he’ll stumble on a cure—like with the proverbial roomful of monkeys banging on typewriters for eternity. Then again, we don’t have eternity. And, unfortunately, we don’t have a monkey as president. We actually have a shaved ape with a single bingo ball bouncing around in his hot air popper of a head, and he’s banging on a Fisher-Price xylophone. 

So, yeah. In other words, we’re fucked, yo.

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