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Cosmetic Surgery and personal monies for some and Bannon still a mess.

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I heard Steve Bannon spent tons of  accused fraudently money on cosmetic surgery, jewels and other things.   The only person better at conning would be  any doctor who talked him into having such a procedure.

After further looking into the matter, it seems the vet in the scheme handed  loot over to his wife for cosmetic surgery.  I was quite sure from the get go Bannon got nothing that would resemble any kind of eye candy.    He did not even bother to get a shave and a haircut.  He was spending money on something though, I mean they caught him on a yacht.

I was quite sure Bannon got nothing to improve his appearance of just plain neat and presentable especially being known for holding  at the White House, such a high position.

One thing for sure, he did nothing with all that money to clean up.

Petty…Yeah…and I love pointing this out regarding this slob and a con.

The best part of the fraud if there can be a best part, is that they defrauded Trump’s own base who wanted  “ The Wall”.

 More than $320,000 of the donations on personal expenses, including…

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • A luxury SUV
  • A golf cart
  • Payments toward a boat
  • Home renovations
  • Jewelry
  • Personal tax payments
  • Credit card debt.

The indicment read more than 20 million collected.  That would buy a lot of haircuts, shaves, clothes, and rhinestones.  The veteran involved could also have helped his military brother and sisters but his high maintenance wife had needs.   This guy is an amputee but gets no pity from me.  He has spread much fake  news and misinformation on behalf of the extreme right.…

Four guys with a scheme to defraud people who believed Trump would build a wall.  Ha !

What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to self deceive.  Of course he was arrested for deceiving others.

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