CORRECTED: Feinstein Did NOT Tell the LA Times She Was Thinking of Acquitting Trump

I’ve read the comments below (and also had to step out to deal with an urgent issue). I apologize for having taken the LA Times story in its original form at face value, but I have seen Feinstein before taking stands much further to the right than a regular Democrat would, so the original story did not seem out of line. (Also, it had already been picked up by multiple outlets by the time I saw it, which is how I saw it.)

Despite the recommendations of some of the comments, I have decided not to delete the diary, but to edit is as a correction, so that the comments (for and against me) remain intact. I am also leaving in Feinstein’s tweet and a link to the original Times story.


Senator Feinstein tweets that the LA Times misunderstood her:

The LA Times misunderstood what I said today. Before the trial I said I'd keep an open mind. Now that both sides made their cases, it’s clear the president’s actions were wrong. He withheld vital foreign assistance for personal political gain. That can’t be allowed to stand.

Here’s the original story:  Feinstein leans toward acquitting Trump as his defense team ends impeachment arguments   

The Times has since (as of 4:20 PM) modified its headline slightly: Feinstein says she’s a maybe on acquitting Trump as his defense team ends impeachment arguments

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