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Corporatist $$$$$ going to turn out a 300,000-man evangelical army for 2016


The story detailing their plans appears in the NY Times today:

Evangelicals Aim to Mobilize an Army for Republicans in 2016

This is what you get for just one of the canvassing operations, the shop set up by David Lane:

“If the Lord were to call 1,000 pastors in America — 1,000 — and they ended up with an average of 300 volunteers per campaign in 2016, that would be 300,000 grass-root, precinct-level, evangelical conservatives coming from the bottom up,” he said to the ballroom full of pastors. “It would change America.”

Thing is, he can throw out $500,000 here and there to drag in the Republican candidates, another $10,000,000 claimed available from the sources that did the Swift Boat project to fund the volunteers.

“An army. That’s the goal.”

To be blunt, we need to match them volunteer for volunteer.
We need to get together effective flyers, effective videos, effective issue-oriented materials across the board.

We need to beat them at democracy.

What else?