Corporate Media use MOM to dismiss Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, & Bernie Sanders

Corporate Media uses the MOM method to dismiss Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. What is MOM? Marginalization, Omission, and Mischaracterization.

To the casual viewer, the following This Week panel may seem like straight reporting. Unfortunately, that could not be the furthest from the truth.

The following segment covered the Democratic primary and the debate. When a mainstream rag like Newsweek proclaims Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang first and second and they are mentioned in the panel one and zero times respectively, it is indicative not of reporting but of directing the news.

Corporate Media dismiss Yang, Warren, & Sanders

That Andrew Yang with a near-complete corporate media blackout can be on a slow ascent speaks highly of both the appeal of his platform and independent media. Just like Bernie Sanders has had #OurRevolution to get around the Corporate Media, the decentralization of the #YangGang seems to be bearing fruit.

As I see it, progressives have three candidates to examing intently. They are Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang. For those who follow Politics Done Right, you know that I have recently added Andrew Yang to my favored list. He earned it after the last Democratic Debate with his answers to three major questions. Use the comment sections and tell me what they are. Let's see if we are all in agreement.