They tried to beat Bernie Sanders by ignoring him. They found out that it was impossible to beat a real message especially one that is existential.

Bernie Sanders on the rise

What most in the corporate media fail to understand is that it is less about Bernie Sanders and more about the policies Americans must ultimately have. Ignoring Bernie Sanders changes nothing. Ultimately, Bernie Sanders proves one important tenet, staying true to policies that align with the needs of Americans can, should, and must ultimately win.

Many consider Bernie Sanders too left to win. As I point out ad nauseam, his policies are more in line with what Americans want than that of our neoliberal candidates. The polls have been consistent.

Progressives are not some fringe in the Democratic Party. I took a snapshot of the poll of polls at Real Clear Politics. It is clear that there is no real center in the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden 27.8
Pete Buttigieg 8.3
Mike Bloomberg 5.0
Amy Klobuchar 3.3
Michael Bennet 0.5
John Delaney 0.5
Conservative Total 45.4
Bernie Sanders 19.3
Elizabeth Warren 15.2
Andrew Yang 3.3
Cory Booker 2.5
Tulsi Gabbard 1.7
Tom Steyer 1.5
Julian Castro 1.3
Marianne Williamson 0.3
Progressive Total 45.1

As I mentioned in a previous article,

“A unified Democratic message on Medicare for All sells itself because most have already interfaced with the corrosive nature of private health insurance. If one makes the case Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continue to make, ‘Your healthcare cost will go down and you will have more money in your pocket with better healthcare which means your doctor defines your care and not some private insurance hatchet job hired to deny you coverage in order to enrich a few shareholders and executives.” Once the disbelief is overcome it will become a landslide winner.

If Democrats adopted a unified message of the existential nature of the Green New Deal, using the increased fires, floods, destructive storms, and high tide street flooding in coastal areas, it would become a landslide winner.

If Democrats adopted a unified message of student loan forgiveness, by pointing out to Americans that the influx of dollars into the economy from those formerly saddled with an unbearable debt would start buying homes, appliances, cars, and much more.

If Democrats adopted a unified message on childcare and family-leave subsidies showing not only the job creation nature of the policy but the human dignity one gets for being able to have kids while they work or create one’s own venture, the policies would pass in landslides.

The lie that there is not enough money to pay for all the above and more is just that, a lie. A few Americans decided to create an economic system that values capital over humanity — allows a few to hoard the capital created on the backs of others. Adjusting our economic model that values humanity’s worth would be transformational for most.

It is clear many continue to feel the bern. The reality is that they crave the policies that will bring equal access to success.”

I covered this subject on Politics Done Right in detail. Check it out here.

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  • December 27, 2019