Did you know that Michael Bloomberg is the ONLY Democratic presidential contender who knows how to defeat Trump?  I do not have the links for now to Nicole Wallace’s Deadline Whitehouse from Friday where her panel gushed about Bloomberg’s latest ad about Trump, or the segment from Sunday’s AM Joy where even Rob Reiner said that Bloomberg would get into Trump’s face when Trump calls him short — Bloomberg would call him fat.  But I get the distinct Media message that only a billionaire like Bloomberg could take on Trump.

Seems that Tom Steyer is getting the Warren Erasure Treatment.

But I am not just imagining this Bloomberg worship.  Bob Hennelly wrote a recent Slate article asking why is the Media giving Bloomberg a pass.  His answer is that the corporate Media is being paid off with all those ads that Bloomberg is buying.  

Besides being literally paid off to look the other way, the corporate Media is pushing Bloomberg as another fall back candidate for their interests.  Moderates will not like this — they never do — but Buttigieg and Biden are getting a lot of money from people who want to keep the status quo.  And those same interests want to make sure that their preferred candidate makes it to the top of the Democratic ticket.  Biden was the initial pick, but it sure sounds like the powers that be are hedging their bets by supporting Buttigieg.  IF Buttigieg stumbles, lo and behold there is Bloomberg.

Too bad for our wealthy donors that Bloomberg has more than a few electoral problems.

First up, Hennelly posits that Bloomberg is following a deliberate strategy of NOT having to meet with us dirty proleteriat voters.

They have been drilling this race for years. It was a ritual you could count on every four years, as Bloomberg’s top operative Kevin Sheekey routinely floated stories about Mayor Mike taking steps to run for President.

Their brilliant strategy permits Bloomberg to stay above the fray, while he uses his vast wealth to launch an unprecedented national ad buy that will mold the public perception of Mayor Mike. This is accomplished without forcing the candidate into the high-risk arena that comes from the close-up press scrutiny candidates must submit to in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I have done lead advance for a presidential campaign in New Hampshire, and can tell you that the voters are the least of a candidate’s worries. It’s the reporters watching your candidate interact with the voters and with the staff that’s your real worry….

Case in point would be the recent series of ads Bloomberg has launched that show him as physically close to former President Obama as former Vice President Joe Biden ever was.

Now, if a reporter had access to Bloomberg in the flesh at a New Hampshire house party, he or she could ask, “so, Mr. Bloomberg everybody saw that ad your running with you and President Obama. Isn’t it true that as Mayor of New York you spoke out against his efforts to reform Wall Street in the wake of the Great Recession that caused several million Americans to lose their homes?”

And then, in the frightening moment of an unscripted exchange, the reporter could ask a follow-up question about when Mr. Bloomberg planned on publicly releasing his taxes, something he refused to do during his twelve years as Mayor on New York City.

Emboldened is my doing.

And while some people are gushing that Bloomberg is good on guns and global climate change, as the above pointed out, his economic policies are firmly in the Republican column.  Here are some other of Bloomberg’s previous positions on economic policy:

  • Bloomberg vetoed a paid sick leave law in NYC.  Now, he claims he is all for it.

Many a Media outlet has been calling Bloomberg a “moderate” on these issues.  

Let me ask the moderates on Daily Kos:  do any of you think that these economic stances by Bloomberg will sell to Democratic voters?

And let’s get to the rampaging bull elephant in the room — racial justice issues.  I have to admit that what I don’t know about the issues important to the black community and other racial minorities can fill volumes.  I believe when I point out something I think is a racial issue, people of color will essentially say to me, “Where the fuck have you been white man?  You finally smelled the coffee?!  And this is some other shit you have no idea about…”

Therefore, I’m a faulty indicator of systemic racism, but when my racism detector does go off, you know the racism has to be bad.  And Bloomberg, your Stop and Frisk policy was bad.

The white corporate Media is ignoring Bloomberg’s love of Stop and Frisk while mayor of NYC.  I just don’t see how black and Latino Democratic voters are going to overlook Bloomberg’s record on criminal justice and race.  But if you don’t want to believe me, just ask Elie Mystal about Bloomberg:

Mystal also points out that NYC was not going to vote Bloomberg into a 4th term.  New Yorkers had a two term limit on being mayor, but Bloomberg and the city council got rid of that so Bloomberg could run for a third term.  But he didn’t run for a 4th.  If he was so fucking popular, why didn’t he run for a 4th term?  Probably because Mystal is correct that black and brown New Yorkers had had enough of Bloomberg.


Mr. Bloomberg, a political independent who is approaching the midway point of his third and final term, is most well-liked by white New Yorkers and by residents in Manhattan; he is less popular with African-Americans and Hispanics. Mr. Bloomberg appears to be recovering from a difficult winter, when other polls found his approval ratings to be even lower in the wake of the city’s lackluster response to a blizzard in late December, his selection of Cathleen P. Black as schools chancellor and alleged corruption in the administration’s CityTime payroll project.

And did I forget to mention that Bloomberg was a REPUBLICAN until 2007?  Then, he became an independent.  He only recently became a “Democrat.”  

Fucking political savior my ass.