Consistent polling weakness in two Midwestern states that Trump won easily four years ago has convinced Cook Political Report to move Iowa and Ohio from Lean Republican to Tossup. In June they moved both states from Likely Republican to Lean Republican.
Trump is polling much worse among white voters in both states than what he received in 2016.
In Iowa:
The New York Times/Siena College poll (September 16-22) found Trump leading Biden among white, non-college voters by just three-points (44 to 41 percent) — a 20 point drop from 2016. Biden's 41 percent is a six-point improvement on Clinton's showing from 2016.
In Ohio, Cook Report says Trump is trailing among white better educated white voters by 8 to 11 points, and suburban areas that once were reliable Republican strongholds may vote Democratic this year.
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Cook report also shifted their ratings on seven US House races, five in the direction of Democratic candidates.