Cook Political Report Shifts Ratings on 6 US House Races, 5 Towards Democrats…

Cook Political Report has shifted six US Houses, five in the direction of the Democratic candidates. A week ago Cook changed ratings on five Senate seats all in the direction of the Democratic candidate, and said the Democrats are now favored to take control of the upper house this fall.…

Two weeks ago, the Cook Political Report changed  ratings on 20 US House Races, all in the direction of the Democratic candidates.

Cook Report Ratings Changes US House 7/31
States Dist. Old Rating New rating Incumbent PVI 2018
Alaska All Likely R Lean R Young-R R +9 R 53.1%
Arkansas 2 Solid R Likely R Hill-R R +7 R 52.1%
Florida 26 Lean D Tossup Murasell-Powell-D D +6 D 50.9%
Georgia 6 Tossup Lean D McBath-D R +8 D 50.5%
New York 2 Lean R Tossup Open-R R +3 R 53%
Ohio 10 Solid R Likely R Turner-R R +4 R 55.9%

The article explaining the changes (behind a paywall) is entitled, “House Ratings Changes: Cash Disadvantage Compounds GOP Woes”.

Some context: in Feb. 2019, House Rs put out a list of 55 target districts. As of the latest FEC reports, the median D in those districts has $2.6 million on hand to just $414k for the median R – a six to one advantage.
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