Why is this not happening?   We can use cots and isolate and make do until we can get all we need.

I know we need PPE and nurses but we have medics from the military.  We have interns ….and we have medical students.  

Can we get face shields from firefighters?   We can use 3 D printers…  Construction masks.   We need to really really get our brains and imaginations working and IMO plastic trash bags can be converted to cover clothing.  Cut a hole and the clothes are covered.   

We could build a lot of things but that takes time…take over the closed malls and the separation could happen with the former different retail stores…They already are equipped with AC…some with generators.  Why not use them?

We are in this together.  We are smart.  All of the ideas may not be perfect but some will work and some will save lives.  

It has been done before….some of these ideas.  This was in 2017


As long as there is hope…there is life.   

www.businessinsider.com/…  Empty K Marts..Just collecting dusts.

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