Conspiracy Theory About Republican Senator Rand Paul.

Rand Pual is on a tear about how we can’t trust the intelligence agencies — they have too much power, and they were such bullies overthrowing other peoples elections and governments.  And that Brennon is a COMMUNIST!

By why is Senator Rand Paul going the full monty on defending Trump and the attack on our elections by the Russians?  I don’t seem to recall that Trump gave him the keys to Ivanka’s rooms in the West Wing?  But there is Rand Paul going on being full time Trump apologist.

Seems strange given their lack of love for one another.

Unless, you think about the arrest of that Russian mynx who was acting like she was a gun nut.  Seems she is working for the Russian government, and she was forgetful enough not to register as a foreign lobbyist.  And it does dovetail with earlier reports that the Russian were given groups like the NRA money to hand out to Republican politicians.

Hey! I found out — if i am reading this correctly — that Senator Rand Paul received approximately $143,690 dollars in campaign funds from gun groups.  Hey!  You don’t suppose any of those campaign contributions was from the Russians, specifically Vladimer Putin?

Just a thought.