Conservatives against COVID lockdowns couldn't possibly have death wishes or dog whistles


#COVIDIOTS — because irony ain’t dead, it’s just not wearing a surgical mask.

1. Contaminated tests

The failure by the CDC to quickly produce a test kit to detect the coronavirus was triggered by a glaring scientific breakdown at the CDC’s lab in Atlanta…

2. Early warning signs on flawed testing ignored

Trump administration officials continued to rely on flawed CDC tests even as many lab scientists eager to help grew increasingly alarmed and exasperated by the federal government’s actions..

3. Limited testing

The initial decision to test only a narrow set of people and delays in expanding testing to other labs gave the virus a head start to spread undetected…

4. Complicated process and paperwork

As they struggled to make the test kit work, many public health labs realized they might succeed by eliminating one of its three main chemical components. But under the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency rules, they could use the test only as it was approved…

5. Denial and dysfunction at the highest levels of government

 it took 70 days from that initial notification for President Trump to treat the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The president consistently played down the threat and became a font of misinformation and confusion……

  • April 19, 2020
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