Conservative radio host fired midshow for pointing out Trump's corruption

Do not, under any circumstances, criticize Dear Leader if you want to remain a member of the conservative-industrial complex.

Craig Silverman, host of The Craig Silverman Show on KNUS in Denver for the past five years, was fired midshow today for criticizing Trump on the air.

The Denver Post:

Silverman was in the middle of a segment about Roy Cohn, Trump’s former personal attorney, when he suddenly was  interrupted by network news, he told The Denver Post.

Silverman’s producer threw his hands up in the air, indicating it wasn’t him.

Instead, the program director, Kelly Michaels, came through the door.

“You’re done,” Michaels said, Silverman recounted.

Silverman later responded to the firing on Twitter:



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Silverman, who voted for Trump in 2016, said he wasn’t sure about the future of his show.

Silverman’s last segment of the hour, before he was canned, was to “observe how toxic Trump is in Colorado,” he said in a text. “And to continue my show theme today that Democrats are making a strong case at the House impeachment hearing.”

A strong case? More like an open-and-shut case. Not that that will matter to the Senate sycophants who will decide his fate after the House is through with the ocher abomination.

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