Some big news out of Wisconsin:

Donald Trump’s standing against Joe Biden slipped again this month as support for his handling of COVID-19 dropped significantly, according to polling conducted for the conservative Restoration PAC.

The poll found 50.8 percent of likely voters in Wisconsin backed Biden this month, while 41.7 percent supported Trump.

The polling showed a 49.3-45.3 advantage for Biden in April and a 48.7-45.3 edge for Trump in March.

This month’s poll found 35.7 percent of likely voters said the country is headed in the right direction, while 55.7 percent said it’s on the wrong track.

Meanwhile, Trump’s job approval was 45.5-52.3. Last month, it was even at 49.2-49.2. And of the 52.3 percent who disapprove of his job performance in the May poll, 49.3 percent strongly disapprove

Forty-three percent approve of his handling of the coronavirus, while 54 percent disapprove, down from 49.8-47.2 last month.

Also, 42.5 percent said it was time for people to go back to work, while 57.5 percent said it was too early to lift stay-at-home restrictions.

The poll was conducted May 6-8, just before the Wisconsin State Supreme Court struck down the extended stay-at-home order issued by Gov. Tony Evers’ administration.

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The Daily Kos Elections team points out that Restoration PAC is a conservative GOP Super PAC which makes this all the more sweeter. It’s a nice reminder that Wisconsin is important this year and we need to get ready to win big. Click here to donate and get involved with Biden’s campaign.