Conservative columnist: Hillary is the most exonerated politician ever. Trump? Not so much

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is one of those Never Trumpers you hear so much about. Donald Trump, of course, thinks Never Trumpers are part of some evil, America-hating cabal, and for that reason alone he believes they have zero credibility. 

Personally, I think we should stop referring to them Never Trumpers and call them what they are: members in good standing of the sane community.

Because if you’re a Trumper you think Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician of all time and Trump is a deep state-fighting warrior whose only sin is ocher skin.

In other words, if you’re a Trumper, you’re fucking blind. And stupid. And morally bereft. 

But Rubin? Well, she’s a conservative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s nuts. And in her Sunday column, she points out the obvious.:“Crooked” Hillary is actually pretty pure, whereas Donald Trump may well be bound for gaol when his reign of torpor is over:

Hillary Clinton has a unique distinction: She has been exonerated twice after extensive federal investigations, the latest entirely unjustified and the result of a politicized Justice Department. President Trump of course was NOT exonerated in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, which found 10 or so categories of conduct that but for the present policy of Justice Department guidelines would serve as the basis for obstruction-of-justice charges. If Trump is defeated in November he can still be criminally charged the moment he leaves office.

What Rubin is talking about here is the fact that Hillary was recently exonerated again following a politically motivated (and Trump-requested) investigation into all things Clinton. Donald Trump and his thugs threw a bowl of pasta primavera against the DOJ door, and not a damn thing stuck. 

But has Trump’s clearly partisan (and petty) investigation brought forth conservative mea culpas and stinging rebukes? More importantly, has it given the DOJ pause and forced them to consider whether such banana republic tactics are corrosive to our democracy?
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course not!

Simply put, Trump used the Justice Department to conduct a baseless investigation of a political opponent, and no one seems to have been held accountable. Legal analyst and professor Maya Wiley observes: “Targeting power of the state on a person you hate or just simply to distract is absolutely abuse of power and a danger to democracy.”
When the time comes under a future president for a housecleaning at the Justice Department and for referrals to state bar organizations, the Clinton investigation should be included. Lawyers have a responsibility to refuse to initiate or to conduct spurious investigations, as occurred with Trump’s inquest into Clinton. That said, at least Clinton can tout her two exonerations. Trump doesn’t have even one.

No. No he doesn’t. And for someone who shouts “witch hunt!” more often than he cleanses his undercarriage, you’d think he’d know a real witch hunt when he sees one.

And he owes Hillary Clinton and the rest of America an apology.

Uh huh. I’ll wait … forever, it seems.

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