Conservative Bill Kristol wants Republican Party destroyed. “I am a Democrat for 2020.”

Conservative icon Bill Kristol appeared on Meet The Press Daily to speak out against the Trump Republican Party and sent a message that is music to the ears of Democrats.

Bill Kristol did not mince his words

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Chuck Todd asked Bill Kristol if he still considered himself a Republican. It was clear he was a bit uncomfortable responding first spinning that his state, Virginia did not have registration by party. It was clear he was being coy. He then staked his 2020 position.

“I think I have said at some point,” Kristol said. “I am a Democrat for 2020.”

Kristol was far from done as he excoriated not only Donald Trump but his sycophants, Senators, Congresspersons, and Red State Governors.

“I think it is very important that Trump loses,” Kristol continued. “I think it is important that Biden wins. And I do think it is important that Trump enablers at the federal level also lose. So I am on board with a Democratic victory in 2020.”

Kristol said he could envision voting Republican again in 2022 if the GOP is a non-Trumpian party. In other words, he needs a destroyed Trump Republican Party before he could go back.

Chuck Todd suggested to Kristol that he may not be invited back into the GOP. His response was interesting.

“In a funny way I don't want to be invited,” Bill Kristol said. “A bunch of these Senators who got along with Trump and all these assaults on democratic norms and these policies you described so well in the first half of the show that are killing Americans and governors who have been intimidated by Trump with incredibly foolish policies reopening their states and bars and everything and overturning local ordinance, banning masks. I don't want to be with those people.”

Kristol then ponders working with “Centrists” Democrats and Republicans. But this conservative is clear about the destruction of not only Trump Republican Party but his Movement and Evangelical support.

“I do think for the short term, i.e., this year,” Kristol continued. “Trump and the Republican Party that have enabled him and the Conservative movement that has rationalized what he has done, need to be held accountable.”

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