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Connie Chung to Dr. Ford: 'I, too, was sexually assaulted'

This op-ed from veteran journalist Connie Chung is a must-read.

Shocking, but in light of everything that’s happening right now, not really that surprising.

It may bring you to tears, it may make you shake with rage. I can almost guarantee it will elicit some kind of strong emotion.

Republicans have no idea what kind of sleeping dragon they’ve just awoken.

From The Washington Post:

Dear Christine Blasey Ford,

I, too, was sexually assaulted — not 36 years ago but about 50 years ago. I have kept my dirty little secret to myself. Silence for five decades. The molester was our trusted family doctor. What made this monster even more reprehensible was that he was the very doctor who delivered me on Aug. 20, 1946. I’m 72 now.

It was the 1960s. I was in college. The sexual revolution was in full swing. The exact date and year are fuzzy. But details of the event are vivid — forever seared in my memory.

Am I sure who did it? Oh yes, 100 percent.

It’s extremely compelling. 

Here’s the link to the rest of the article.