Congresswoman Jackie Speier has a message for Democrats. She messaged that Trump is a loser, and they must get tough.

Democrats must assert their win

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Donald Trump is throwing all kinds of frivolous lawsuits hoping that a few would stick to give him an Electoral College win. He is even resorting to corrupting legislatures to do so,

The sad thing is that Democrats, law-abiding Republicans, and the media have not gotten the narrative right so far. They give the impression that it is up to Donald Trump to concede or voluntarily give up the presidency after being beaten in a popular and electoral vote landslide.

The loser has no choice but to leave the presidency. It is time for Democrats to assert themselves. It was refreshing listening to Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

“I think that President-Elect Biden needs to take the kids' gloves off now and start pushing back,” Rep. Speier said. “And that may, in fact, require him to go to court. But this now is reckless.”

The Congresswoman was not done. She had some rather harsh words for the president.

“Donald Trump has lost the election by seven million votes and by seventy-two electoral votes. He cannot somehow suggest that he can become the President-Elect under those circumstances. He's lost. He is a loser. And it is time for him to suck it up and recognize that he is going to be kicked out on January 20th.”

We must not give the Trump base any ability to believe that Trump can remain president. He has been repudiated,

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