Congressman COVID was in the packed South Lawn with no mask

Louis Gohmert has truly earned his designation as America’s dumbest congressman. Just a few highlights:  He justified an oil pipeline by saying caribou warm up to it; blamed the Aurora shooter on a high school graduation that didn't talk about God; entered an SNL skit into the Congressional record; spouted baseless theories in the House from conspiracy sites he visits; and complained that he couldn't take his cell phone into secured areas. All before he casted aspersions on his asparagus.

Not surprisingly, he was an avid anti-masker. Of course he caught COVID. And of course he blamed the mask!!

But as dumb and reckless as he is, here is COVID patient Gohmert at Trump’s RNC acceptance speech. Trump didn’t want to see masks and ensured there was ZERO social distancing, so the chairs were six inches apart. Worse, most guests weren’t tested. Either the people around him didn’t know he has COVID or truly didn’t care because, if you watched any of the RNC, the pandemic is already well behind us.  


Yup, that’s Gohmert.  People were wondering who will be this event’s Herman Cain. I’m going to guess it’s someone in this photo.

Gohmert is a moron, but I don’t blame him. He can’t help being stupid. I can blame both the idiots who keep electing him, and the people in charge of this event for not even doing the bare minimum to ensure a COVID patient isn’t spreading his virus. 

Do better, TX-1.  Try this guy:



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