Not only did President Donald Trump shut down the federal government by refusing to back down for his ridiculous demand for a border wall border steel slat barrier boondoggle at the expense of American taxpayers, Congress failed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA):

The Violence Against Women Act is set to expire at midnight Friday as the government shuts down, cutting off funding for programs that help victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse and stalking.

The blow to the landmark 1994 law came after multiple short-term extensions. The act was due to expire on Sept. 30 and on Dec. 7 but received a last-minute reprieve each time. Its programs are funded under the Justice Department, which is affected by the shutdown.

It is absolutely disgusting that the Republican-controlled Congress failed to reauthorize vital legislation that provides funding to programs that help victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. This is a betrayal of victims of violence against women by Congress.

Congress should pass a clean continuing resolution to reopen the federal government, pass legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, and pass Savanna’s Act (legislation designed to, among other things, help law enforcement better respond to cases involving missing and murdered Native American women) before the new Congress convenes:



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