Conaway in Texas Will Not Seek Re-election to Congress, 5th Republican in 2 Weeks

Republican Mike Conaway of Texas’ 11th congressional district has reportedly decided he will not run for re-election in 2020 expanding the retirement trend to 5 Republican members of the US House in the last couple of weeks.

The 11th district in west Texas has a Cook PVI of R+32 and is one of the most Republican in the country.

The GOP is losing some of its most well liked members. Roby. Mitchell. Conaway. Brooks. Olsen.

Retirements are again a problem for the House GOP

Republican US House Members Not Seeking Re-election in 2020
ALCD-1 Byrne Running for Senate Safe R
AL CD-2 Roby Retiring, Trump critic Safe R
GA CD-7 Woodall Retiring, “time for change” Tossup
IN CD-5 Brooks Retiring, “for family” Lean R
MI CD-10 Mitchell Retiring, “for family” Safe R
MT All Gianforte Running for Gov. Likely R
TX CD-11 Conaway Retiring, lost chairmanship Safe R
TX CD-22 Olson Retiring, “for family” Tossup
UT  CD-1 Bishop Retiring, lost chairmanship Safe R…

Republican Districts with Special Circumstances
MI CD-3 Amash Became Independent Tossup
NC CD-3 open Election 9/10/2019 Safe R
NC CD-9 open Election 9/10/2019 Tossup

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