Say no to undeserved politeness towards Trump, according to Anand Giridharadas on Chris Hayes. Both him and Neera Tanden on Lawrence O'Donnell civilly laid out the case to vote him out. He can convalesce on one of his golf courses.

Donald Trump, it is poetic justice

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The doctors and scientists warned Donald Trump about the realities of COVID-19. It was clear from his conversation with journalist Bob Woodward that he knew enough about the virus to make the correct decisions if he chose to do so. Trump knew the virus was airborne and deadlier than the flu.

Trump cared only about himself. He felt he could exist and be safe in his own guarded bubble. He wanted the presence of an adulating crowd but at a distance. When asked him if he was concerned about getting the virus from the mask-less packed crowd several feet away, he said they were far enough from him to be a problem. He was more concerned with the proximity of the journalist.

The thing is the virus is always ready to exploit any stray entry. And it seems the program Trump had on the White House lawn to introduce Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett was that entry.

Most who attended wore no masks. They were hugging and backslapping as if the pandemic was over. It wasn't and isn't. Trump, his enablers, and sycophants had a packed non-social distancing crowd. And now many are infected with COVID, including the president.

The President chose to disregard science. It is no different from what he did to Americans at large. 200K+ Americans are dead. We can hope for his recovery as long as we understand that he must not be our president.

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