CPAC deplorables LisaPage PeterStrzok texts

Coming Soon… FBI LoveBirds play at Cpac. Strzok/Page texts to entertain deplorables.

This is absolutely sickening.…

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will host a performance later this month of a play based on the texts sent between a former lawyer and agent at the FBI who are regularly ridiculed by President Trump.

“FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers” will be formed at the conservative confab in a performance set to feature “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” star Dean Cain and “Buffy the Vampire” star Kristy Swanson, both supporters of President Trump, according to multiple media reports.

The reports were confirmed by a CPAC organizer.

There is no low.   10,000 attended CPAC last year.  These people are hard up for entertainment but these are the same people who applauded the pussy grabber for awarding Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom.   

We could do plays on the resident if we could get access to his damn emails and texts.  I am quite sure it would put Lovebirds in a G Rating and his would show what real disgust is.   What to do?  They are above the law.   

I do so hope there are protestors at that CPAC meeting.   The deplorables are undermining our institutions every single day.  Everything is upside down.  They escort a decorated combat veteran away from his job and the impeaached one with payback is just beginning.  Hail to the Chief or Hell to the Chief?  We need to pushback on this.  Ignoring this kind of thing will not go away.   Mocking real people in real time is what he and his cult following do best…

Can we Dixiechick these two actors?  The Dixiechicks were so done wrong but these two are asking for some real pushback for hurting two people unnecessarily.  All the Dixiechicks said was they were ashamed to be from Texas.

Time…This issue is on point and all about Trump..Not what he wanted I suspect

If you have not seen this, it is well worth examining.…… Time magazine today released the cover of its Feb. 1-8 double issue showing President Joe Biden in an Oval Office that has been thoroughly trashed by its previous occupant. In the illustration by longtime Time contributor Tim O’Brien, piles of neglected files […]