Remember Jim Comey?  I know I do.  Seems he gave an interview recently, and he was asked his view on impeaching Trump:

WASHINGTON — Former FBI director James Comey said in a radio interview Tuesday that he hopes President Donald Trump is not impeached because it means American voters would be “let off the hook.”

It gets worse.

When asked about impeaching Trump, Comey answered that “as a citizen, I hope not because I think the American people would be let off the hook.”

“A lot of his supporters would think some kind of coup had taken place,” Comey said during the interview with California radio station KCRA. “We need to take responsibility for this and vote next November, and show we have a certain set of values and we insist that our leaders reflect those values.”

“We need an inflection point. An impeachment would deprive us of that. We need to show what we stand for,” he continued.  

The guy who was found to have mishandled the Hillary Clinton email investigation is now saying we need “We need to take responsibility for this and vote next November.” A guy who knuckled under to the threat of more leaks by his own Hillary Clinton hating FBI agents in the New York office that he released a letter just a few days before the election saying the FBI had discovered “new evidence” about the investigation, which had supposedly been closed earlier.

That was one cliff-hanger that Horowitz left unresolved with his previous 539-page report, on the FBI’s actions leading up to the 2016 president election, which focused on the bureau’s controversial investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server. That report detailed how FBI director James Comey’s fateful decision to publicly announce the discovery of additional, possibly relevant emails in the closing weeks of the campaign was driven significantly by his fear of leaks from his own agents. The final two unclassified pages of Horowitz’s June 2018 tome are graphic renderings of the problem: starburst diagrams with “reporter” at the center, and multiple lines radiating outward to trace hundreds of unauthorized contacts between journalists and FBI officials.

Those “additional, possibly relevant emails” proved to be NOTHING.  But they helped swing the election to Trump.  Comey helped get Trump elected, and now, the motherfucker has the balls to come forward and say that impeachment denies us Americans the reckoning we need in the next election.

Let me repeat, Comey helped get Trump elected.  Comey has inflcted Trump on the rest of us.  But we only get one shot at removing him from power, and it has to be in an election.  Otherwise, the poor Trump supporters will think it is a “coup.”

You know my feelings on Trump supporters.  They can go fuck themselves.  Even if the eventual Democratic nominee wins, Trump and his supporters will SCREAM that the election was rigged!  Comey is one sanctimonius prick.

  • September 25, 2019