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Comedian Patton Oswalt To Host Virtual Spinal Tap Reunion To Help Flip Pennsylvania Blue

Received this e-mail today from comedian Patton Oswalt on behalf of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

I could NOT be more excited to be hosting the live Spinal Tap Virtual Reunion, and I hope you’ll chip in $28 (or whatever you can) to see me, Rob Reiner, and the cast this Wednesday! Every donation helps us win PA and end any chance of a second Trump term.

Click here to sign up at PADems.com/spinaltap.

“These go to eleven…”
“A fine line between stupid and clever…”
A Stonehenge so small it could be crushed by dwarves!!

There are just SO MANY classic moments from this film and these characters, and I’m really looking forward to reliving them all with the brilliant folks who created them. That it all helps PA vanquish Trump just makes it all the better.

So please: Make a donation to join me this Wednesday at 9 PM for an incredible show with Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal and more!

Many thanks,
Patton Oswalt

Click here to donate to RSVP.